Permaculture Paths

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1) Universities
2) Other (mainly full time) education providers
3) Shorter education providers
4) Online-supported education
5) Alternatives to traditional education providers – particularly interesting places offering less structured internships, wwoofing, etc.
6) a) Wwoofing/volunteering in Middle/South America
6) b) Other places in Middle/South America that might be worth checking out
7) Sources used to compile these lists

1) Universities:

Note: These have permaculture as a small or larger part of some of their curriculums. Please contact the individual university for further details. Permaculture has not really reached academia yet, though there are groups of people on several continents working on this matter. If you’re into permaculture and looking for higher education, there might be lots of interesting courses out there. Some people say that agroecology is the academic equivalent to permaculture. There are also lots and lots of organic and biodynamic agriculture educations, as well as sustainable living, building, engineering or landscaping educations – and so on! 🙂

Australia (The link only informs about online courses, but here is info I got in an email from them: “The other course available is a permaculture Cert IV or Diploma face to face at our organic farm in Thurgoona near Albury. We have international organic farming interns doing either organic farming or permaculture diplomas, who come here for 12 months and then do a project either here or somewhere else.”)
This might be part of the same system/school, they offer 1-2 year permaculture programmes (details unclear)

Brazil (the university has some permaculture focus, details unknown)

Germany (permaculture courses for students as part of a sustainability lecture in cooperation with a community permaculture garden run by students on the campus. Taught in German)

Global (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Integrative Ecosocial Design: blended model-online courses for Orientation and Content, as well as project based learning (in local communities) with documentation in ePortfolios. They also offer International Diploma of Permaculture Design)

Switzerland (Elena Tarozzo includes permaculture in her lessons at the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences)

The Netherlands (some permaculture courses and a master’s degree in organic agriculture)

USA (bachelor’s degree and one year EcoFarmer) and

USA (bachelor’s degree)

USA (unknown which programmes include permaculture)

USA (unknown which programmes include permaculture)

USA (Bastyr University is one of four schools in the U.S. that offer a permaculture certificate or qualification. It is the only accredited permaculture program and the only one with a focus on the therapeutic value of a medicinal and edible landscape)

USA (bachelor’s degree)

USA (college giving university credits through Western State Colorado University. 1-2 years)

USA (undergraduate and graduate environmental studies)

2) Other (mainly full time) education providers:

Australia (unknown what they offer)

Australia (college. Several year-long studies and educational internships) and

Australia (accredited permaculture training, certificate 1 through 4 and the diploma. The best way to find out who has current offerings of this course would be to contact Permaculture Australia)

Ghana (university college)

Ireland (1-2 years of sustainable horticulture / permaculture)

New Zealand (1 year full-time)

Scotland (many different programs of various lengths)

The Netherlands (private school for professionals in permaculture education. Non-accredited 4-year course at EQF level 5-8 (vocational to PhD). Integral learning community concept covering all functions. Internships) For more information please email:

USA (college)

USA (4-12 month educational apprenticeships)

USA (8 month practicum in permaculture and agroecology)

3) Shorter permaculture education providers:

Australia (3 and 8 week educational internships)

Canada (6 & 8 week courses)

Global (Ecovillage Design Education (EDE). Integrates the social, worldview, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability)

Israel (Internships, but also positions for volunteers)

Israel (2, 4, 7 & more week courses/work experiences)

New Zealand (4 week and 10 week educational internships and also apprenticeships) and

Peru (1-3 month educational internships and volunteering) and

Scotland (2 month hands-on PDC)

South Africa (permaculture course followed by a 3 month internship for young people with a “disadvantaged background”)

South Africa (courses, internship and volunteering)

Sweden (8-10 week educational internships)

Thailand (permaculture educator internships)

USA (A PDC combined with apprenticeship, and the opportunity of various apprenticeships. Prospect Rock Permaculture also runs PDC for credit at the University of Vermont, Sterling College, St. Michael’s College(all Vermont, USA), and Paul Smiths College (Vermont, New York State)) and

USA (7 months skill building program)

USA (2-several month educational internship and also courses)

USA (1-many month educational internships)

USA (2-12 month work and learn programmes)

USA (courses of various lengths, internships and volunteering)

4) Online-supported permaculture education:

Various permaculture courses

Integral permaculture courses


EDE (?)

Free PDC (without cert.)



5) Alternatives to traditional education providers – particularly interesting places offering less structured internships, wwoofing, etc. (There might be links in this category that could have been put in list number 3, let me know if you have suggestions for changes!)

Australia (3 month internships):

Australia (2-3 month internships)

Australia (wwoofing)

Australia (wwoofing)

Belize (internships)

Bulgaria (volunteering)

Costa Rica (3, 6 and 12 month internships, also volunteering)

Dom. Republic (3 month internships)

Ecuador (internships, goat cheese apprenticeship and volunteering)

El Salvador (internships):

Ethiopia (jobs, internships, volunteering)

Guatemala (1 month internships and work trade) and

India (internships)

Indonesia (internships)

Kenya (various internships)


Nepal (volunteering)

New Zealand

Nicaragua (3 month internship, 6 month co-creator positions and other opportunities)

Nicaragua (min. 3 month internships and also volunteering) and

Norway (wwoofing)

Romania (permaculture farm school offering volunteering)

South Africa

Sweden (wwoofing and half price on courses for wwoofers)

Tanzania (atm 12 month permaculture internship available from July)

Thailand (wwoofing)

Thailand (volunteering)

Thailand (volunteering)

Turkey (several farms taking wwoofers, write permaculture in the search bar)

USA (apprenticeships and jobs)

USA (internships and volunteering)


USA (natural building internships and apprenticeships)

Vietnam (volunteering)

6) a) Permaculture related wwoofing/volunteering in Middle/South America:
(note that there are some Middle/South American places in the previous lists that offers wwoofing/volunteering in addition to their courses/internships, those are not listed again here)









Costa Rica

Costa Rica (jobs, internships and volunteers)

Costa Rica (wwoofing)

Costa Rica (volunteering)

Ecuador (offers CHOCOLATE MAKING as part of the volunteer work)








And also this one in Peru is a personal favourite, not writing anything about wwoofers, though

6) b) The following places don’t inform in particular that they accept wwoofers, but they might be worth asking (for various reasons)

Brazil, institute that is into permaculture

Brazil, big perma center, no info about volunteering in English

Brazil, ecovillage

Brazil, ecovillage


Chile, PRIs Master Plan site, no info in English


Dom. Republic


Mexico, ecovillage




Venezuela, young ecovillage

7) Sources used to compile these lists (in addition to personal contact with national and local organizations and institutions)

Global Ecovillage Network

Worldwide Permaculture Network

(Mainly) short courses and and


Free additional site to wwoofing in North America