About the lists

Dear permie!

I was curious of what permaculture education opportunities there are other than the PDC, and have spent some time researching and compiling lists of education providers and perma projects offering interesting internships worldwide. As far as I know, this is the most thorough overview that currently exist. The lists are focusing on possible paths for permies who have already completed the PDC. PDC providers are generally therefore not listed, but some of the places listed also provides the PDC. As there aren’t really that many permaculture education providers out there, I eventually also ended up compiling lists of particularly interesting places with less structured internships / volunteering etc. (including a detailed list of such opportunities in the Middle and South America due to personal interest).

All places listed have connections to permaculture, but it varies to what degree.
If you are looking for paid permaculture related jobs, a few of the places offers this – and it is always possible to ask the rest! The same goes for the prices: some places are more expensive than others, but they might be negotiable. An alternative to the cost of different programmes / educational internships can be wwoofing at the place instead.

The links are mainly to the specific pages about courses/internships/volunteering, so these pages might change and some links might be relocated after a while. In any case I recommend browsing the rest of the website for information and inspiration – there are so many great projects out there!

The links are sorted alphabetically by country. Keep in mind that the quality of the different educations and projects may vary, and that the lists are not complete – especially not number 5. If you know of places that should be on any of the lists, please get in touch! And please

Green greetings from
Spira Svendsen, Norway


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